​Community Ophthalmology Procurement

Currently, planned and emergency ophthalmology services are provided by Moorfields Eye Hospital. Although patient experience is excellent, to support care closer to home and to increase access in the community for those with minor eye conditions, the CCG is undertaking a procurement across Merton and Wandsworth. This will provide a community ophthalmology service to complement emergency services at Moorfields.

Engagement activity

From our equalities analysis, it highlighted that those most likely to be using this service were older people and those from BAME backgrounds – so we aimed to target these groups through our engagement work. To inform the service specification, a focus group was held with Merton Vision in October 2018, drawing together a diverse range of people with lived-experience of visual impairments. We also discussed proposals with our Patient Engagement Group and sought their feedback.

Those we spoke to were asked about their eye conditions, where they went in their local community for eye care, how they currently access eye care services, what changes they would like to see and their thoughts on our proposals to introduce a community ophthalmology service.

There was support for a community ophthalmology service with patients welcoming the provision of services closer to home - feeling it would benefit them by reducing travel times and costs. Suggested areas for improvement included better communication between the service, GPs and patients. 


Next steps

As part of the procurement process, we have worked with Merton Vision to recruit patient representatives to be involved in the procurement panel to select a provider to run the new community ophthalmology service.

Visit our 'you said, we did' page to see how feedback influenced the final service.