​Developing Our Local Health and Care Plan

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See our infographic, above, which showcases feedback from the event. To view a larger version of the infographic click here.

Watch our short film, below, feeding back to local people and showing how we are involving them in developing our local health and care plan. 


Health and care organisations in Merton are working more closely together to make services better connected and more joined up. The NHS, Merton Council, voluntary sector and Healthwatch are developing a Local Health and Care Plan for how this might be achieved.

Work has already been undertaken to look at local population needs, current services and what patients have already told us about what they want from local services. Through this we have developed some high-level areas of focus around the themes of start well, live well and age well.

Engagement activity

To develop our ideas, we wanted to bring together local people, frontline staff and key stakeholders (including local councillors and voluntary and community groups) to help us agree priority areas for all the partners to focus on.

We recognised that a lot of engagement work had already been undertaken by the NHS and our partners. We summarised this and presented this, alongside our ideas and information about our local population, at an accelerated design event in November 2018. Local partners, Healthwatch and the voluntary and community sector helped us to design this event - making them as accessible as possible for a range of stakeholders and knowledge bases. 

More than 130 people attended the day – including around 50 local people who had been specifically recruited to represent the diverse community in Merton and who had never worked with us before. We worked with a specialist organisation to reach out to a representative cross section of the community using online advertising and on-street recruitment. As a result we heard from a range of people we wouldn't ordinarily have reached including from those in deprived communities, young adults and people from multicultrual backgrounds. Community groups in attendance included; Merton Volunatary Service Council, Inner Strength Network, Mitcham Town Community Trust, Mental Health Forum, Healthwatch, London in Your Language, South Mitcham Community Centre, Merton Seniors, LGBT forum, Friends of St Hellier, BAME Voice, Ethnic Minority Centre, Wimbledon Guild, Polish Family Association, Carers Support Merton and MENCAP.

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The event asked people to discuss what surprised them about what they'd heard about living in Merton, what they thought was missing from our ideas and, most importantly, their ideas for how we could take forward the priority areas. This focussed on why the issue is important, what the challenges are, opportunities, solutions and how the change will be made.

Topics discussed included:

  • Children and young people's mental health and community services
  • Primary care
  • Diabetes
  • Mental health
  • Health and social care integration
  • Dementia
  • Making positive lifestyle choices
  • How to make the most of the Wilson redevelopment

Outcomes and next steps

The energy and enthusiasm in the room generated a lot of feedback and ideas, which will be analysed into a feedback report, to be shared with those who gave up their time and decision makers in early 2019.

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We will be using the outcomes of the event to form the basis of our Merton Health and Care Plan which will be drafted by March 2019 and be championed by the Health and Wellbeing Board. This will complement the refreshed Merton Health and Wellbeing Strategy for 2019 to 2024.

But, publishing the plan won't be the end of the conversation and we want to work together with local people and community organisations to put these plans into action. Further engagement work is planned for 2019/2020.

Information about the local health and care plan event has been published on the South West London Website, click the link to view the report here

The key themes emerging from feedback received about the attendee’s big ideas for the local health and care plan included;

Themes Merton.png