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June 2017 update for East Merton Health and Wellbeing Campus

Read the progress report on development of the campus that was presented to the Health and Wellbeing Board in June 2017

During the summer and autumn of 2016 the CCG, Public Health and members of the Health and Wellbeing Board undertook a series of 'Community Conversations'  You cna read about them here: Wilson Update HWB- community conversations.pdf  

East Merton Model of Health and Wellbeing

Work continues on the project and over the summer Merton's Health and Wellbeing Board members​  and community connectors sought to have as many conversations with as many different people in East Merton as possible. We designed these conversations together to explore people's interests, needs and offers of support.  A workshop was held on Monday 17th October at Vestry Hall to hear the many stories people have told us, their interests in the use of the Wilson and beyond and any offers to get involved. We are now considering the next steps together and where to focus our energy going forward. ​

The work is part of the agreed 2015-2018 health and well-being strategy

History of the project 

The East Merton Model of health and wellbeing project is one of our top priorities for developing and improving care and health services in Merton. It has two overarching objectives:
  • To develop a model of care that meets the health and social care needs for the people of East Merton; and
  • To provide a new Health Centre on the Wilson Hospital site that supports the delivery of this new model of care

A lot of detailed work has been undertaken to get us to the point of describing a new model of care. In 2013 we carried out a detailed Health Needs Assessment, describing the health and care challenges that the model of care would have to meet in East Merton. In May 2014 the CCG approved a Strategic Outline Case for a new Health Centre in East Merton and in January 2015 the Wilson Hospital site was selected as the best location for the new Health Centre

Strategic Outline Case

The Strategic Outline Case described the following priorities for a future model of care:

  • A patient centred and integrated model of care that meets the needs of diverse East Merton communities.
  • Maximises multi-disciplinary working with secondary care while improving access to care.
  • Creates a good environment to deliver care from​

It covers the whole population, from those who are well to those with serious health conditions and needs.  It includes the care and services delivered by the NHS, social care and voluntary sector. It should comprise:

  • The what, who, how, where and why of care delivered in East Merton
  • How it will be responsive according to need and adjust in size and development.
  • How each component holistically contributes to addressing patient needs (including new facilities).

A new model of health and well being for East Merton - January 2016

East Merton has a profile of deprivation and complex care, which includes more people receiving a late diagnosis, and more reliance on hospital (secondary care) intervention.  Work by the Nuffield Trust and others suggests that, in these circumstances, there would be significant benefit in moving to a more locally-focussed, person-centred and integrated model of care rooted in prevention, health improvement, self-care and earlier, lower-cost interventions.  

Emerging findings are:

  • What we are seeking to describe is not a Model of Care but a Model of Health & Wellbeing. 
  • The model needs to be local and based on 'natural communities' as much as possible (between 20,000 and 50,000 population) – integrating prevention and self-care into where they live 

To make this approach effective requires working with these natural communities to understand and map with them what they already have and already use. We can then together identify what more they need locally to improve their health and well being and take greater responsibility for it – informed by emerging best practice from elsewhere. 

It then requires looking across health, social care and the voluntary sector to see what could be reorganised and deployed differently, to meet the needs expressed.

Assessment is then required of what can be done to achieve sufficient critical mass in each locality to keep the model economically sustainable. The voluntary sector have a key role to play.


Consultation with stakeholders and location visits

After the appointment of Specialist Advisors, Consilium Partners helped us conduct engagement events, set up a Model of Care Design Group, carry out research on existing health services and help us select the site of the Wilson Hospital.

During November and December 2015, the consultation team conducted a significant number of semi-structured interviews with a wide range of clinical staff and representatives. These were analysed during workshops in December to identify the key themes and issues that informed the design process.

In March 2016, we organised a group visit from Merton (including local council members) to see the Bromley-by-Bow Centre in one of London's more deprived areas to give us some practical insights into how we could develop our own East Merton model of health and well being.​​

The intention is to develop the Wilson Centre into a state of the art Health and Wellbeing Centre, where the CCG envisages providing a rang eof primary care and other services in future. It is expected to re-open in 2020 and to provide a whole range of community-based services alongside primary care, which will reduce the pressure on local hospitals and provide a high quality modern health and care facility for local people.

The Bromley-by-Bow Centre

Updated November 2016