Transforming primary care​

Primary care services provide​ the first point of contact ​in the healthcare system for patients and include​ GP practices, dentists​, pharmacies and optometrists. In 2014, a​​ new local way for designing and providing primary care services started to be developed. 

Every GP practice offers a range of different health services - these could include asthma care, contraceptive planning and advice, minor surgery and management of long-term conditions such as diabetes. 

NHS England plans and develops the primary care services that GP practices provide but this is in the process of changing. Clinical Commissioning Groups, including Merton CCG, are beginning to work together as a larger group to plan and develop their local primary care health services. NHS England will still have some involvement. This is part of a package to improve primary care, including making is easier to access GP services. 

​Find out more about these plans and what it will mean for you and your family by reading the short presentation below. ​

Transforming primary care - what will it mean for me and my family.pdf

South West London Primary Care ​Co-commissioning Joint Committee​

Minutes of meetings of South West London Primary Care – Joint Committee are below.

The SWL ​Collaborative Commissioning website is here.​

​Updated February 2015