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expand MeetingDate : 23/05/2018 ‎(5)
March minutes V1.pdfMarch minutes V1
PEG Presentation 23 05 18 v2.pdfPEG Presentation 23 05 18 v2
expand MeetingDate : 28/03/2018 ‎(5)
March  agenda.pdfMarch agenda
Merton MSK Service Presentation.pdfMerton MSK Service Presentation
expand MeetingDate : 24/01/2018 ‎(6)
24.01.18  Community Podiatry Service Redesign.docx24.01.18 Community Podiatry Service Redesign
Jan agenda.docxJan agenda
Patient Engagement Group – Update Primary Care_Jan.pptxPatient Engagement Group – Update Primary Care_Jan
expand MeetingDate : 29/11/2017 ‎(4)
MCCG Powerpoint Template LTB V1.pptxMCCG Powerpoint Template LTB V1
PEX Merton - Abbas Mirza.pptxPEX Merton - Abbas Mirza
expand MeetingDate : 27/09/2017 ‎(5)
For Merton PEG - Equality Objectives Paper 2017-21.docxFor Merton PEG - Equality Objectives Paper 2017-21
September  agenda.docxSeptember agenda
expand MeetingDate : 26/07/2017 ‎(6)
May PEG minutes draft CG changes.docMay PEG minutes draft CG changes
RMC PEG Update 260717.docxRMC PEG Update 260717
expand MeetingDate : 24/05/2017 ‎(5)
March PEG minutes draftV4.docxMarch PEG minutes draftV4
PEG Presentation 24.05.17.pptxPEG Presentation 24.05.17
expand MeetingDate : 22/03/2017 ‎(5)
8037 EE Merton A1 Boards PROOF_5.pdf8037 EE Merton A1 Boards PROOF_5
Jan PEG minutes draft.docxJan PEG minutes draft
RMC March 17.docxRMC March 17
expand MeetingDate : 26/01/2017 ‎(14)
IVF, Thresholds and Medicine cover.docxIVF, Thresholds and Medicine cover
November PEG minutes.docxNovember PEG minutes
PEG Agenda Item Social Prescribing_26_01_2017_L Lewis.docPEG Agenda Item Social Prescribing_26_01_2017_L Lewis
PEG Patient Representative Role.docxPEG Patient Representative Role
Social Prescribing Update.docxSocial Prescribing Update
expand MeetingDate : 26/07/2016 ‎(10)
Att1_PEG Minutes 220616.pdfAtt1_PEG Minutes 220616
Att3_PEG Terms of Reference.pdfAtt3_PEG Terms of Reference
Att3b_PEG Vice Chair Role.pdfAtt3b_PEG Vice Chair Role
Att4_Accessible Information Standard briefing.pdfAtt4_Accessible Information Standard briefing
Att6_Patient Engagement Workshop.pdfAtt6_Patient Engagement Workshop
expand MeetingDate : 22/06/2016 ‎(8)
Att1_PEG Minutes 230516.pdfAtt1_PEG Minutes 230516
Att2_MCCG Finance update.pdfAtt2_MCCG Finance update
Att3a_PEG Agenda Item Cover Sheet - EMMHWB.pdfAtt3a_PEG Agenda Item Cover Sheet - EMMHWB
Att4a_PEG Agenda Item Cover Sheet - SWL IUC.pdfAtt4a_PEG Agenda Item Cover Sheet - SWL IUC
expand MeetingDate : 23/05/2016 ‎(9)
Att 01 PEG Minutes 26-04-16.pdfAtt 01 PEG Minutes 26-04-16
Att 02 Patient Engagement Representative Recruitment Stategy.pdfAtt 02 Patient Engagement Representative Recruitment Stategy
Att 04 RMC PEG Cover Sheet 23-05-16.pdfAtt 04 RMC PEG Cover Sheet 23-05-16
Att 05 PEG Introduction Booklet v1.2.pdfAtt 05 PEG Introduction Booklet v1.2
expand MeetingDate : 26/04/2016 ‎(5)
Agenda_PEG 260416.pdfAgenda_PEG 260416
Att 2_Better Care Fund Summary.pdfAtt 2_Better Care Fund Summary
Att 4_PEG Annual Work Plan 2016_17.pdfAtt 4_PEG Annual Work Plan 2016_17
expand MeetingDate : 23/03/2016 ‎(2)
expand MeetingDate : 24/02/2016 ‎(3)
Health Help Now campaign.pdfHealth Help Now campaign
expand MeetingDate : 26/01/2016 ‎(6)
Agenda PEG 26116.pdfAgenda PEG 26116
Patient Engagement Group Reporting Map 2015.pdfPatient Engagement Group Reporting Map 2015
PEG Proposal V02.pdfPEG Proposal V02