Working with our local community and patients

As part of our work to find out the views of patients and groups on the services we provide and commission we met local voluntary sector groups and patients with diabetes.

The Managing Director of Merton and Wandsworth LDU James Blythe also met members of Morden Islamic Centre to discuss issues around their communities concerns about local health services. An area that was highlighted was the need to ensure that our service improvement and co-design work included their members and community as they were keen to share their experiences and help to improve services. As a result of this members of the Morden Islamic Centre have put forward members to help us improve services.


James Blythe meets members of the Merton Islamic Centre

In September 2017 we worked with the NHS England Choice team to provide knowledge and experience of the factors that would help determine how patients choose a hospital for treatment As a result of involvement from patients and service users from Merton NHS England reviewed and changed the information and the material that they were developing.