​Information for health professionals: how to refer your patients​ to CLCH

from 1 April 2016

The information below provides updated contact information and links to referral forms for adults and children's community healthcare services in Merton provided by Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust from 1 April 2016.

Referral forms are available from www.clch.nhs.uk/mertonreferrals

Adults' services SPA

The contact details for the Single Point of Access are as follows:

Direct contacts for specific adults teams

Night nursing service  020 3458 5461 (active from the evening of 1 April)

Rapid response service (CRISIS)  020 8687 4840
Community rehabilitation

Referrers wishing to discuss potential referral with a clinician can call 020 8687 4593 between 9am and 2.30pm. If a referral is required it goes through the central administration centre as normal.

Children's services

Team email addresses from 1 April will be:

Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) Team
Health Visiting - six teams
Ivy Garden - CLCHT.HVIvyGardenMerton@nhs.net
Cricket Green - CLCHT.HVCricketGreen@nhs.net
Abbey - CLCHT.HVAbbeyMerton@nhs.net
Bridge - CLCHT.HVBridgeMerton@nhs.net
Avenue - CLCHT.HVAvenueMerton@nhs.net
Abbottsbury - CLCHT.HVAbbotsburyMerton@nhs.net  
Health Visiting Specialist Roles - three roles;
Vulnerable Families - CLCHT.SpecHVforVulnerableFamilies@nhs.net
Children with Complex Needs - CLCHT.SpecHVforChildrenComplexNeeds@nhs.net
Haemoglobinopathy - CLCHT.SpecCounsellorHaemoglobinopathies@nhs.net
School Nursing - Universal
School Nursing - Special Schools;
Perseid School - CLCHT.SNPerseidSchoolMerton@nhs.net
Cricket Green School - CLCHT.SNCricketGreenSchoolMerton@nhs.net
Melbury College - CLCHT.SNMelburyCollegeMerton@nhs.net
Other children's services
Physiotherapy - CLCHT.PaedPhysioMerton@nhs.net
Occupational Therapy - CLCHT.PaedOTMerton@nhs.net
Dietetics - CLCHT.PaedDieteticsMerton@nhs.net
Speech and Language Therapy - CLCHT.PaedSLTMerton@nhs.net
Safeguarding  - CLCHT.SafeguardingChildrensMerton@nhs.net
Looked After Children (LAC) - CLCHT.LACMerton@nhs.net
Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) - CLCHT.FNPMerton@nhs.net
Healthy Child Programme (HCP) Admin. - CLCHT.HCPAdminMerton@nhs.net
MASH - CLCHT.MashMerton@nhs.net
HCPChoose and Book - CLCHT.CandBMerton@nhs.net


Children's services location changes

ServicePrevious locationLocation from 1 April
Health Visiting Specialists

Green Wrythe Lane

 SM5 1JL

The Wilson Hospital,

Cranmer Road CR4 4TP


Occupational Therapy

Green Wrythe Lane

 SM5 1JL

Cricket Green Polyclinic,

Birches Close, Mitcham CR4 4LQ



Green Wrythe Lane

 SM5 1JL

The Wilson Hospital,

Cranmer Road CR4 4TP



Green Wrythe Lane

 SM5 1JL​

Merton Civic Centre,

London Road, Morden SM4 5DX


Moves to co-locate health visiting and school nursing teams in children's centres have all been agreed and the changes will take place on 3 May 2016

Updated 1 April 2016