​​​​​​Information for health professionals: how to refer your patients to Connect Health

From 1 April 2016, Connect Health is the new provider for adult musculoskeletal services to the population registered with Merton CCG and will serve as the single point of access for adult musculoskeletal services. Connect will provide a comprehensive assessment and a range of treatments and management plans for adult MSK conditions in a community setting.

The Referrals guidelines are available here GP Referral Guidelines_web.pdf for download

The Referrals form is available  here  Connect Referral Form.docx for download. Please use this new form to refer all patients who need adult musculoskeletal services, including physiotherapy.

To facilitate electronic referral for EMIS practices, the  form can be uploaded onto EMIS practice systems

All adult musculoskeletal referrals should now go through the Connect service, and therefore referrals to our local acute providers for physiotherapy will be rejected and returned to the referring GP. Please ensure you re-refer to the Connect Service.

Connect services will be delivered from the following locations: 
Nelson Health Centre
Figges Marsh Surgery 
Wideway Medical Centre 
Cricket Green 
Ravensbury Park Medical Centre

Group sessions will be delivered from the Chaucer Centre and Vestry Hall.

For enquiries and support, please contact GP Support at Connect
0203 795 3430 or
merton.mskservice@nhs.net ​​

Updated 1 April 2016