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​​​​​​​​​​Choosing wisely for Merton - have yo​​​ur say

Merton CCG is required to make the best use of an annual budget to keep people in the borough of Merton well. 

During 2016/17 we have worked hard to find savings of £7.3m. Pressures on expenditure will continue to increase in 2017/18 and it's expected that the CCG will need to find at least another £13m of savings to bring the CCG back into financial balance and provide for cost increases and greater patient demand next year. This is a substantial financial challenge for a CCG of our size. 

To ensure that we live within our means in future and that everyone in Merton has equal access to operations; and that only treatments which offer value to our population are commissioned we are considering some changes to local healthcare. Other CCGs, including some in SW London (Richmond, Croydon) are also looking at this.

As part of this work the Governing Body is considering developing a number of clinical policies which set thresholds for some treatments and do not fund other treatments except in very limited and exceptional circumstances (e.g. many cosmetic procedures). For all the proposals we are looking at the individual funding request (IFR) process would be still available for patients who believe that they have exceptional circumstances. 

No decisions have or will be made until we've considered local people's views on:

  • IVF and specialised fertility services
  • Supporting patients to be more surgery ready
  • Prescriptions for:
    • Gluten free foods
    • multivitamins
    • Self-care medications

All CCGs should periodically review the services they commission in light of new evidence, technology change and finances. Responsible disinvestment is as important as investment in new services in order to provide the best possible health outcomes for local people.

The CCG's Governing Body has asked for an initial period of public engagement to discuss these ideas and options with local people before making a decision on how to proceed. They will consider all views raised at a Governing Body meeting held in public at the end of March. The CCG is therefore going out to talk to local groups over the next couple of months. This work is to assist the CCG formulate its proposals including suggestions for appropriate safeguards. 

No decisions have been taken at this time and we welcome your thoughts on these issues including any safeguards and/or exempted groups.  

Should significant service changes be proposed, there would be a public consultation. The CCG will in any case continue to discuss the challenges it is facing with local people and to keep stakeholders informed of and involved in its work.​ ​We want to know what local people think about these proposals in light of the financial pressure the local NHS is facing and in light of the CCG's need to make savings of at least £13m in the next financial year. 

Please contact to find out more or to discuss a member of the CCG coming to talk to your group or organisation about the proposals. It may not be possible to agree to every meeting request at this time but the CCG is happy to share materials for dissemination and should further engag​ement need to take place, to ensure that everyone who wants to comment has an opportunity to do so.

The CCG went into financial recovery in the summer of 2016. Since then it has discussed these and other options for savings at Governing Body meetings in public. You can find details on our website 

Read the 'Proposed changes to services in Merton - Have you say​' booklet

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