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It’s Healthy Living Week in Merton

Merton Clinical Commissioning Group and local Merton GP practices are joining more than 100 organisations across London to host a wide range of activities and events that promote health and wellbeing during Healthy Living Week. 

Healthy Living Week, which starts today, aims to make workplaces in London healthy, inspiring places to work, where staff can join up with their colleagues to make being healthy a normal part of their day.

More than 100 organisations, teams and individuals across London have signed up to take part this year – more than double the number that signed up for the capital’s first Healthy Living Week last year.  

Staff at the CCG will be taking part in a range of activities this week including walking to work, running at lunchtime and celebrating a Fun Fruit Friday.

Merton CCG Chair Dr Andrew Murray said:

“In Merton a number of public sector partners such as the NHS, Merton Council, the fire brigade and police have this year committed to try to make Merton a healthy place to work. Healthy Living Week is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of helping our staff and residents to live healthily, both physically and mentally.

This week we are working with partners in Merton to support staff to make healthier diet choices, quit smoking, increase exercise levels and generally try to reduce workplace stress.  We all spend many of our waking hours at work and small, simple changes can have a big effect. I am excited to see what we can achieve with our staff both at the CCG and my own GP practice and I am hoping the things we start this week will have a lasting impact.

As a large employer the local NHS must promote good practice and model good behaviour to our residents. Many Merton workers spend long hours commuting but simple changes such as getting off the tube one stop earlier and walking briskly for 10 minutes every day can significantly reduce the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as reducing stress and anxiety and helping with back pain. We are encouraging as many employers and residents as possible to make a lasting commitment to healthier living this week.”

Activities being held across London include mental health resilience talks, lunchtime walks, early morning and after work Zumba and fitness classes, smoothie bikes, healthy sharing lunches as well as mindfulness sessions, smoking cessation workshops, massages and health checks. 

The Better Health for London report highlighted the importance of preventing ill health and includes an aspiration to make work a healthy place to be in London with an ambition to gain 1.5 million working days a year by improving employee health and wellbeing in the capital. 

Co-ordinated by Healthy London Partnership on behalf of all London CCGs, Healthy Living Week provides a platform for NHS organisations, hospital charities and their partners to work together and offer events and activities to staff that promote workplace health and support people to be healthy and happy. 

For more information about Healthy Living Week visit:

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