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Merton Clinical Commissioning Group is responsible for planning and buying healthcare services for the people who live or work in the borough. 

We are made up of local GPs and health professionals who are best placed to know the right services for the local population.

 Latest News

Keep the kids active this summer with the 10 Minute Shake Up

The final school bell will ring later this month, signalling the start of the summer holidays for many families.

One in three women who get breast cancer are over 70 - don’t assume you’re past it in Merton

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in England with around 41,200 women diagnosed each year. In Merton, around 120 people are diagnosed with breast cancer every year and around 30 people die from breast cancer every year.

Local NHS calls for debate on future services

Local clinical commissioning groups and provider Trusts in south west London have today jointly published an Issues Paper, setting out the challenges faced by the local health service

KCA to deliver mental health services in Merton

Merton CCG has awarded a new contract to KCA to provide innovative mental health services in the London Borough of Merton from 1 October 2015.

From Myanmar to Merton CCG

Dr Andrew Murray, Chair of NHS Merton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), explains how working in one of the poorest and most remote parts of South East Asia fundamentally changed his approach to commissioning in the June issue of Commissioning Journal.

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