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  • Protect your skin against sun damage (including sunbeds) and reduce your risk of skin cancer.
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Winter can pose serious risks to the health of older people, pregnant women, children and those with long term conditions. The flu vaccine is offered free of charge on the NHS to people who are at risk. This is to ensure they are protected against catching flu and developing serious complications.​ Merton CCG is supporting the 2016/2017​ Stay Well This Winter​ campaign, led by NHS England and Public Health England, aiming to encourage anyone eligible for a free flu jab to get vaccinated.

Flu vaccination locations in Merton

​​​You can have a flu vaccination in the below pharmacies across Merton.

Tele-Chem LtdPharmacy Building, 341 Tamworth Lane, MitchamCR4 1DL
Tanna Pharmacy14 South Lodge Avenue, MitchamCR4 1LU
Boots6-7 Majestic Way, MitchamCR4 2JS
Fairgreen Pharmacy10 Fairgreen Parade, London Road, MitchamCR4 3NA
Jhoots PharmacyRavensbury Park Medical Centre, Ravensbury Lane, MitchamCR4 4DH
Griffiths Pharmacy351 West Barnes Lane, New MaldenKT3 6JF
Boots58 London Road, MordenSM4 5BE
H Harland Chemist58 Central Road, MordenSM4 5RP
Rowlands Pharmacy43 St.Helier Avenue, MordenSM4 6HY
Cospharm Ltd281/283 Mitcham Road, TootingSW17 9JQ
Abbey Pharmacy12a Abbey Parade, Merton High StreetSW19 1DG
BootsUnit 9 Tandem Retail Park, Colliers WoodSW19 2TY
BootsMorden Hall Medical Ctr, 256 Morden RoadSW19 3DA
Wimbledon Pharmacy80 High Street, WimbledonSW19 5EG
D Parry124 Arthur Road, WimbledonSW19 8AA
T.j. Chemist385 Durnsford Road, LondonSW19 8EF
BootsCentre Court Shopping Centre, WimbledonSW19 8YE
Medipharmacy1 Lambton RoadSW20 0LW
The Nelson Pharmacy220 Kingston Road, LondonSW20 8DA
Lords Pharmacy279 Kingston Road, Merton ParkSW20 8LB
Boots30 Combe Lane, Raynes ParkSW20 8ND

Keep warm and well in winter​

The Stay Well This Winter campaign urges people aged over 65 and those with long-term conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease or respiratory illness, to protect themselves against the cold weather with advice on how to ward off common illnesses and avoid a visit to hospital.

Some health problems, such as asthma, sore throat and cold sores, are triggered or worsened by cold weather. Cold homes can have a significant impact on people’s health. One of the best ways of keeping yourself well during winter is to stay warm.  It is essential to keep yourself warm as the weather gets colder, both indoors and outdoors, and this is especially the case for the very young, older people or those with a chronic illness.

If you start to feel unwell, even if it is just a cough or cold, don't wait for it to get worse but seek immediate advice from your pharmacist. The sooner you get help the better.​

Look out for other people who may need a bit of extra help over winter.

More helpful tips to help you and your family stay well during winter can be found at http://www.nhs.uk/staywell/ 

To make sure you're receiving all the help you're entitled to ​in terms of making your home more energy efficient, improving your heating and keeping up with your energy bills click here.​

If you do need help over the holiday period when your GP surgery or pharmacy is closed, call NHS 111 or visit www.nhs.uk to be directed to a local service that is open.​​​

Updated September 2016

 Further information

​You can find a wealth of information and advice on staying healthy in periods of cold weather on the winter health page on the NHS Choices website.