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Patients are at the heart of everything we do.  We make decisions based on the feedback we get from local people, patient experiences, and the involvement of local people on our committees and on our Board.  Merton CCG want you to get involved and influence your local health services.

We want you to feel you are being listened to and that you are making a valuable contribution in setting health priorities for Merton.  Putting the public, patients and carers at the centre of our plans, and getting your input, is very important.

​Pictured below: Clare Gummett of Merton CCG's Governing Body (left) and (right) the Dietitian stand, at the 2016 Mitcham Carnival Health Hub, one of the many events throughout the year when the CCG engages with patients, carers and the wider public.

Clare Gummett_HealthHUb.jpg 


Pictured: Merton CCG's Chair Dr Andrew Murray (left) and former CEO Adam Doyle (right) at the Health Hub at Mitcham Carnival 2015.

Andrew and Adam at Mitcham Carnival 2015.jpg

 Updated 23 June 2016