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Involving patients and the public is a part of everything we do in Merton and our commitment is to involve them in all the different stages of our work; from planning, designing, procuring and monitoring through to delivering new and improved services. We have a vision for our public engagement and a set of principles for how we work with local people.  

We want to know what you think about local NHS services and how we can work together to improve them. There are many ways in which you get involved in the work we do.

You can read about the outcomes of our engagement in our Patient and Public Involvement Annual Report, our you said we did section and progress reports to our Governing Body.

Click on the links below to find out more information about the different ways you can get involved.

Contact us via; 2.pngFor more information about Patient and Public Involvement in Merton and for information in different formats, you can contact the Patient and Public Engagement Team via the contact details below. Please click here, to view different formats of our Healthy Ageing Guide, which is an example of information that has been produced in different formats.

Email us:

Tweet us: @NHSMertonCCG

Call us: 020 3668 1221 

Write to us: Merton CCG, 120 The Broadway Wimbledon, London SW19 1RH

Alternatively, if you would like us to come and speak to your group – be it faith-based, sports-based, or health-based, please let us know. We can also arrange to be joined by interpreters or other support staff if needed.

How do we support you to be involved?

We provide support to all patients and lay members who work with us. The more informed our patients and public representatives are, the better able they are to meaningfully engage with us.

Our support includes: 

Training and policiesIncreasing understandingBriefings and advice
We offer training opportunities to our PEG members through London wide training courses.Attending PPG meetings and voluntary and community group meetings to explain more about the CCG, our work and how to get involved. We have 1 to 1 meetings to support people to get involved and adapt our approaches if they have different needs.
We provide training for patient representatives on our procurement systems, so that they can read bids and score appropriately.Routinely updating our 'Get involved' section on the website so those interested in working with us have accurate information.Support and briefings are provided by the commissioning leads to those involved in procurements and service redesigns and those sitting on committees.
We have an expenses policy to cover out of pocket expenses for those who volunteer with us.We meet with staff on an individual or team basis to provide expert advice and support on engaging with stakeholders and patients. We also give them tools to make sure they are planning patient and public involvement into their projects as early as possible.


Join our Patient Engagement Group

We need your support to help shape local health services and provide excellent healthcare for local people. 

Our Patient Engagement Group is a forum for patients, local people, carers and members of local voluntary and community organisations. Our PEG have directly involved in informing and influence the planning, designing and delivery of local health services. We also ask this group to assure our patient and public involvement activity – this is through reviewing our annual engagement reports and through providing feedback about communications and engagement plans throughout the year when commissioners attend and present.

We value their contribution and views and they are our sounding board when we are seeking public or patient opinion. 

If you live or work locally in Merton, you can join our Patient Engagement Group (PEG) – get involved as much or as little as you like.

Email to find out more.

You can read more about what is discussed in PEG meetings here 

The work of our Patient Engagement Group is shared with our Quality Subcommittee regularly so that they are aware of and can respond to our work. Our Governing Body receives updates about commissioning projects regularly and PPI and PEG involvement is a key part of these updates.

Find out more about joining the Patient Engagement Group here.

Join your local practice Patient Participation Group

Patient Participation Groups play a crucial role in supporting GP practices with their service improvement work and gaining insights into patient's views of how services are currently operating.

They provide valuable health intelligence for their GP practices and to groups such as the Patient Engagement Group (PEG). PPG members who attend the PEG bring issues and patient feedback to PEG to be discussed and cascade information back to their practices and their PPG.

In 2019/2020 we will be looking to consider how we can complement PPGs in primary care with other approaches - learning from work in other areas and considering best practice.

Speak to your GP practice about getting involved in their PPG.

Join our mailing list

You can get involved in helping to shape local health services by visiting our feedback page. We will then add you to our emailing list so we can keep you updated on ways you can have your say, such as through local consultations, public events and surveys.

Watch, attend, listen to or read the minutes of our governing body meetings

We want local people to be involved in decision making and assuring all public involvement by asking for feedback at all stages of our work.

This includes ensuring parts of our Governing Body meetings (where key decisions are made) are open to the public and empowering them to question the way we work.

As part of our commitment to transparency and accessibility we make recordings of Governing Body meetings in public available after the meeting.To hear or watch the proceedings click on the link here

Wilson Community Reference Group (WCRG)

The Wilson Community Reference Group has been established to advise on engagement activities to support the development of the Health and Wellbeing Campus, being developed on the old Wilson Hospital site. The group comprises more than 20 individuals and community and voluntary groups interested and invested in the development and is Chaired by the Chair of Healthwatch Merton.

This group assure and advises on our patient and public involvement activity in relation to this project– this is through reviewing our communications and engagement plans. The group has already been instrumental in developing our plans and informing the Equalities Analysis.

To look at feedback provided by the WCRG, notes from our WCRG meetings are uploaded onto the Merton Voluntary Service Council Website. To view the notes click here.

The Wilson Community Group reports into the Wilson Programme Board and will receive updates about the work of the group at each meeting so that patient and public involvement is considered at a strategic level throughout the lifespan of the project.

Get involved in Merton Healthwatch

Merton Healthwatch gives an independent voice to people in Merton who would like to have their say on health and social care services. To find out more about getting involved with Merton Healthwatch visit their website using this link here.

Join our Merton's Expert Patient Programme

You can also get involved by becoming an expert patient.  The Expert Patients Programme is a free self-management course that supports people in Merton living with one or more long-term health condition. Common long-term conditions include: diabetes, back pain, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, asthma, arthritis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The course offers a tool-kit of techniques to enable participants to manage their condition better on a daily basis, by increasing their confidence and quality of life. To find out more about the expert patient program visit the webiste using the link here.

Opportunities for involvement across south west London

We recognise that people from Merton will sometimes access care in other parts of south west London – that's why it is important for us to work together with other Clinical Commissioning Groups to involve people in commissioning undertaken across south west London. We work with the South West London Health and Care Partnership team to ensure the voices of Merton people are fed into south west London wide projects meaning they influence decisions at all levels within the NHS.

To ensure effective lay involvement and patient and public engagement across the Health and Care Partnership, the south west London team runs a Patient and Public Engagement Steering Group. Attendees include:

  • Patient and public CCG Lay Representatives from the six south west London boroughs
  • Healthwatch representatives from the six south west London boroughs
  • Voluntary Sector representatives from the six south west London boroughs

This group oversees public and patient engagement in the Health and Care Partnership and provides; two-way communication between the programme and key community/public stakeholders, advises on the targeted engagement activities to support wider engagement with diverse community groups and how engagement should be undertaken on work streams within the partnership.

To find out more about how you can get involved in work across south west London, visit the website using the link here.

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