​​​​Patient Engagement Group

Our Patient Engagement Group (PEG) is an active group, chaired by our lay member Clare Gummett. The group is a forum for patients, public, carers and voluntary and community representatives who inform and influence the planning, designing and delivery of local health services. Those who are buying and planning services come to our Patient Engagement Group at an early stage to test plans, seek feedback and advice and feedback on changes that have been made.

Its membership includes representatives from the local voluntary sector, Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) and community representatives, as well as interested individuals. We have over 25 members and we are always looking for people interested in making a difference to local health and care services. 

We are always looking for patient representatives who are passionate about health and would like to make a difference to patient experience at local health services.

Examples of where the Patient Engagement Group has influenced our work:

  • To support Connect Care's service improvement and patient experience work, based on feedback that more work needed to be undertaken, seven Patient Engagement Group (PEG) members attended a focus group in May 2018. The session was held to understand how the service could improve and how it should be seeking patient feedback on an on-going basis. Feedback from the PEG informed on many changes to the service. For more information about the action taken, following the focus group, click here.

Other projects discussed by the PEG in the past year include;

  • Updates on Merton Primary Mental Health Care Service Proposals, the e-Fraility Project, Local Transformation Board, Local Health and Care Plan Event, NHSE PPI Assessment, Improving Healthcare Together 2020-2030 and Older People and Integrated Care.    
  • Merton LGBT forumThe PEG helped promote the forum and distribute materials.
  • Developing Merton's Commissioning IntentionsThe PEG were asked to help get an understanding on two issues; 1. What NHS services they felt worked well in Merton? 2. What services could be improved? The findings will be used to help formulate the commissioning intentions and develop a presentation as part of Merton CCGs engagement work. PEG helped ensure all groups have been engaged with and they were notified of the opportunity to comment on the wider Local Health and Care plans. 
  • Update on the Care of Adults with a Learning Disability at St Georges Hospital – The PEG were given the opportunity to provide suggestions on how patients could be identified as having learning disabilities.
  • Connect Healthcare MSK Services - The PEG members were invited to a feedback session. Feedback was given on waiting room chairs, appointment booking, patient information, and complaints. The following changes were made following PEG feedback; new chairs were ordered for the waiting area to replace current seating, an opt in procedure was implemented where patients can book appointment times that suit them, patient information cards e.g. self-referral cards, posters and leaflets about services are under review and complaint cards have been made available at all clinics for patients to take away, alongside posters in clinic rooms to refer patients to information about raising complaints. 
  • Community Ophthalmology Service The PEG were asked to consider if there are any gaps in the service proposals, how further engagement with patients and members of the public on the services be undertaken, what the best ways to promote the services are and if there were any volunteers from the PEG who would like to be a part of the procurement evaluation process?
  • Winter campaignThe PEG were shown the materials and given the opportunity to become Winter champions.
  • Wilson Health and Wellbeing Campus – The PEG were asked to review the membership of the Wilson Community Reference Group and make suggestions on which groups need to be engaged with going forward. 
  • Engagement Annual ReportThe PEG reviewed the report and provided feedback. Feedback was used to shape the report prior to submission.
  • NHS 111 CommunicationsThe PEG were given an overview of the service and asked to undertake the 111 survey. The PEG were asked the following questions; 1. What were their experiences of the 111 service? 2. What did they want the 111 model to look like? 3. Which other groups need to be addressed in the model? 4. Do they agree with the model? 5. Do they agree with the workforce and 6. What other pathways should be incorporated? 
  • Tackling Diabetes Action Plan and Child Healthy Weight Action Plan - The PEG were given an overview of the action plans and the themes. The PEG were asked three questions; 1.To what extent does the action plan address the areas you think are most important in tackling diabetes? 2. Are there major actions you think are missing? 3. How could we improve communications and engagement with members of the public and patients?

Our PEG meeting minutes are made publicly available and can be found here.

If you would like to get involved and join the Patient Engagement Group, please click here or contact mertonccg.getinvolved@swlondon.nhs.uk to find out more.

You can read more in our Patient Engagement information booklet here