If your GP feels you need specialist assessment, investigations or treatment, they will refer you to a hospital to be seen by an appropriate specialist. Exceptions are the accident and emergency unit and sexual health clinic where you can self-refer.

How does a GP make a referral?

 Your GP will write referral letter to the specialist, outlining your symptoms and investigations so far.

Can I choose who I see?

 You will be given a choice of hospitals by your GP who will write a referral letter to the specialist.

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

 Waiting times for hospital treatment vary, but you should expect to wait no longer than:

  • 13 weeks for your first outpatient appointment
  • Six months for inpatient treatment
  • Two weeks if you're referred urgently with suspected cancer
  • Two months from GP referral for suspected cancer to treatment
  • One month from the date of cancer diagnosis to treatment
  • Two weeks for a specialist chest pains clinic if you are suffering from chest pains and angina is suspected.

Local hospitals

 The nearest hospitals for Merton patients are: