​​​​​​​​​​Community health services in Merton

Community health services are provided to adults and children in convenient places close to home in Merton, such as your local health centre or community hospital. If you need it, healthcare can be provided at home.

Some of the services on offer in Merton include health visiting, physiotherapy, visits from a district nurse, speech and language therapy, and school nurses.  Through assessing, treating, educating and caring for local people, we aim to improve health, enable well-being and enhance the quality of people's lives.​

Community health services are sometimes less visible to the public as they are delivered in a variety of settings:

  • In people’s own homes
  • In clinics located in the community
  • In other community settings, e.g. in GP surgeries, children’s centres and
  • schools
  • There are lots of individual services, including:
    • Integrated locality teams, such as community nursing and adult rehab/therapies
    • Rapid response services to keep older people out of hospital and support them after they have left hospital
    • Specialist services focusing on patients with specific needs such as diabetes and chronic lung disease
    • Outpatient services such as physiotherapy and podiatry
    • Children’s services including health visitors, school nursing and services for children with complex needs
    • ​​Community dietetics

​New community health service providers start work on 1 April, 2016

New providers have been commissioned by the CCG and Merton Borough Council to deliver community health services in the borough from April 2016. Read the new​s release here​​​ .

Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust (CLCH) will take over the provision of a range of both children’s and adult community services from The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust from 1 April, 2016 , while Connect Health will provide musculoskeletal (MSK) and outpatient physiotherapy services. 

Frontline health professionals and the services they provide will remain, so health service users can be assured of continuity of services in the borough.

CLCH will take over provision of the following services;

  • Health visiting 
  • School nursing
  • Specialist nursing 
  • Contraceptive and sexual health services
  • Children’s community therapy and specialist healthcare support
  • Adult community services - proactive, planned and preventive services and rapid reactive response such as community nursing, community therapies, rehabilitation and end of life care

The new arrangements are the result of a detailed and thorough procurement process (see below) which had the overall objective of delivering improved health and well-being outcomes through community health services. 

Together with the Council, we have been working closely with the new providers since October 2015, when they were named as our preferred bidders,  to ensure a smooth transition for patients and staff.

Over the next three years, we will continue to work together, focusing on prevention with frontline community health staff, helping people make healthy lifestyle choices as well as supporting improving outcomes and meeting the needs of Merton residents.

The tendering and procurement process for community health services

The previous main provider of community healthcare services in the borough was Sutton and Merton Community Health Services delivered by the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.  Since the contract was due to end in March 2016, Merton CCG and Merton Borough Council, who jointly commission these services, took the opportunity to review what was required and ensure it met our new and emerging priorities.

Our main aim was to ensure that services were focussed on the needs of residents and which treated patients as individuals, providing

  • a 'wellness' approach to universal and preventive services to enable stronger families and self-management for adults
  • early intervention – targeted services for individuals who may be at risk in the future
  • help at home – support for adults in the community and children with complex needs
  • specialist – support for adults and children who cannot be supported in the community, and children in care

We therefore consulted patients, carers, GPs and other local stakeholders to build up a detailed picture of the services  which would best meet their needs.

The Invitation to Tender (ITT) was issued in June 2015, and a panel, including a patient representative, evaluated all the bids. Their decision on the preferred bidders was approved by the CCG's Governing Body and Merton Council, and the names of the preferred bidders were announced in October 2015. 


Updated April 2016