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​Health officials urge older residents in the borough of Merton to get their flu jab before even colder weather arrives

Doctors in the borough of Merton are calling on older residents to get their free flu vaccine as soon as possible, before much colder weather arrives.  
Officials warn that once the temperature drops below 8C, members of the public aged 65 and over are at increased risk of contracting flu. They’re also likely to suffer more than most people if they catch the unpredictable virus.
In light of this, a more effective vaccine is being given to those aged 65 and over this year.
Dr Andrew Murray, local GP and Chair of Merton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said: “Unfortunately, anyone in a ‘risk group’ is more likely to develop potentially serious complications of flu, such as pneumonia.
“This year, we’re giving a new vaccine to older members of the public, which is proven to give better protection against flu for people of this age. 
“If you fall into this age range you are eligible for a free flu vaccine and I’d urge you to get yours now - don’t wait for even colder weather to arrive. Simply contact your GP or pharmacist to get it.”
Visit for more information on the flu vaccine and its effectiveness.