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Merton CCG Annual General Meeting 2016​​

The Governing Body of Merton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 14 July from 6-8pm at Merton Hall, 78 Kingston Rd, South Wimbledon SW19 1LA

​Read our Annual Report for 2015/2016​

The AGM gave local residents the opportunity to find out about what we h​​ave achieved over the last year, how we have used the funding available to us and the part that local people can play in helping us to improve health and wellbeing in Merton going forward.​

The past year has been one of change and innovation for the CCG and we are now firmly established as a strong, clinically-led organisation delivering patient-led service change and improvement for our local population.

It has been a very busy year where we have made significant progress in a number of areas. Highlights of the past year include:

  • the successful opening of the Nelson Health Centre 
  • work to develop an entirely new model for health and wellbeing for East Merton; the model will describe how services across the whole spectrum of health, social care and voluntary sector can work together to provide more local, integrated and preventive ‘out of hospital’ care;
  • the creation of a Merton CCG Patient Engagement Group ​​
  • a smooth transition to new providers of adults and children’s community health services;
  • appointed a new provider for our talking therapies services, and improved mental health services, putting Merton on track to achieve the national recovery rate target and national target for access to psychological therapies;
  • improved the dementia diagnosis rate to 75.9 per cent
  • built strong working partnerships with the London Borough of Merton, the Merton Health and Well-being Board and local voluntary and community groups.
  • worked with patients, carers and the public to develop a more integrated approach to health and well-being across Merton.
Download the meeting as 11 audio files
16003 - Welcome
16004 - Annual Report part 1
16005 - Annual Report part 2
16006 - Annual Report part 3
16007 - The Accounts part 1
16008 - The Accounts part 2
16009 - Questions
16010 - New providers
16011 - The Merton Model of Health and Wellbeing part 1
16012 - The Merton Model of Health and Wellbeing part 2
16013 - Questions

Abou​t Merton CCG

Merton Clinical Commissioning Group is responsible for planning and buying healthcare services for the people who live or work in the borough. We are made up of local GPs and health professionals. We value our close working relationships with the patients, carers and stakeholders who help us to develop the health services that you rely on.