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​​​Important information about the Wilson Health Centre​

​We regret to announce that the GP practice at the Wilson Health Centre will be closing on 31 March 2017. If you are a registered patient, please do not be alarmed. You do not need to do anything at this stage.

Concordia Health Limited who run the practice are completing the last year of their contract with NHS England to provide the Wilson Health Centre service. In addition to this, the temporary premises used to provide the current service will need to be vacated as the site is subject to a plan for redevelopment. This means it will not be possible to extend the contract for Concordia Health Limited to continue to deliver GP services at Wilson Health Centre. We understand this will be of concern as the health centre team has provided safe, caring and accessible services for both registered patients and patients that have attended the walk-in service.​

As commissioners of primary medical services, NHS England and NHS Merton Clinical Commissioning Group (Merton CCG) are responsible for ensuring that patients continue to receive access to GP services after The Wilson Health Centre closes on 31 March 2017. We appreciate that the process of moving and reregistering with another GP practice can be daunting and the CCG will endeavour to support everyone in this process.

Merton CCG has reviewed the alternative GP service provision in the local area and has planned for sufficient capacity to provide local care for all patients registered at the Wilson Health Centre. There are a number of practices within close proximity and all are welcoming new registrations. Registered patients will soon receive a letter informing them of alternative practices that they may wish to register with.

We have written to all patients to let them know of the changes and will write again explaining the process of re-registration in January 2017. We will also send out a reminder to re-register closer to the Wilson Health Centre closure date.

We are offering four drop-in sessions for patients and stakeholders to raise questions about the changes. You are very welcome to attend any of these sessions. Full details and Frequently Asked Questions​ can be found on the same page of the website. 

If you find the sessions difficult to get to you can also send us any questions or comments by email via​ or by phone 0203 668 1292. This phone line will be open 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday and a message service is available outside of these hours.

We would like to ask at this point that patients do not telephone The Wilson Health Centre to ask questions or provide comment as this will affect the ability of the practice to deal with patient telephone calls requesting appointments, results and healthcare advice.​