​​​​West Merton   


Registered Population: 145,513 patients
Number of member practices: 15
Clinical leads: Dr Tim Hodgson and Dr Aditi Shah
Management lead: Lucy Lewis

West Merton is made up of 15 practices which look after around146,000 patients. Each practice is headed by one clinician who regularly meets with members and clinical leads of other localities.
Our job is to deliver a robust and quality-driven healthcare service to our patients. Our goals are to deliver this service closer to the patient's home and to create an integrated way of working between general practice and our colleagues in both social services and community services.

There are 15 member practices:

  • Alexandra Road Surgery
  • Colliers Wood
  • Merton Medical Practice
  • Princes Road Surgery
  • River House Practice
  • Vineyard Hill Practice
  • Wimbledon Village
  • Nelson Medical Centre
  • Lambton Road Medical Practice
  • Francis Grove Surgery
  • Grand Drive Surgery
  • James O'Riordan Surgery
  • Morden Hall Practice
  • Stonecot Surgery
  • Central Medical Practice

Updated July 2017