Clinicians and GPs will decide how the budget is​ spent to ensure that the local community is as healthy as possible and receives high quality care when they need it. They use their understanding of their own patients, and their relationships with doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, to buy/commission the services that best meet their patients’ needs.

We spend your money on services we buy/commission, such as:
  • Planned care and hospital care
  • Urgent and emergency care
  • Rehabilitation care
  • Community health services
  • Mental health and learning disability services 

We will also pay for the hospital services for the local community. Our three main providers are St Helier Hospital, St George’s Hospital and Kingston Hospital. Find out about these by going to the Hospitals page on this site.  

NHS England is responsible for funding other parts of the health service such as GPs, pharmacists, dentists, opticians, and some specialist services. Go to the NHS England website to find out more.​


CCGs are required to publish on their websites details of the sanctions due and actually applied to each of their major providers for failure to achieve national standards.​

Merton CCG will be publishing data quarterly starting with Quarter 1 by the 30 September 2015. We are intending to show by fine and by provider.


Fraud, bribery and corruption against the NHS are not victimless crimes – such activity diverts much-needed public funds into criminals pockets and needs to be stamped out. Some people are not aware that this is a problem for the NHS, or even know what it is or how it is committed. 

Some examples of NHS fraud, bribery and corruption are as follows:​
  • ​​NHS staff dishonestly working in another job when they are off sick.
  • ​​​NHS staff making false and inflated expenses, mileage claims, and timesheet claims.
  • ​​NHS staff procuring goods and services for personal gain; such as ordering IT equipment or printer cartridges, then keeping for their own use or selling them on.
  • ​​You can help to reduce NHS fraud, bribery and corruption by reporting any suspicions against the CCG or in the wider NHS, via any of the reporting channels below. Referrals will be assessed and appropriately dealt with by professionals, and you can provide information in confidence, or remain anonymous.

Contractual sanctions

​In line with National NHS Standard contract 2015/16 technical guidance (paragraph 35.3), commissioners must publish details on financial sanctions due and applied for each of their main providers for failure to achieve national standards set out in their contract. This will be reported quarterly for all sanctions that apply to our three main providers; St Georges University, Epsom & St Helier, and Kingston. Unless specifically indicated, all sanctions are reinvested directly in patient care.

Report your concerns to:

  • Our local counter fraud specialist Mike Harling: mike.harling@nhs.net 020 3201 8306
  • the NHS Fraud and Corruption Reporting Line: 0800 028 40 60

​For more information please visit: www.nhsprotect.nhs.uk​

Updated November 2015

 Further information

​To find out more contact 020 8812 7600.