​​Quality, innovation, productivity and prevention (QIPP) 


Merton CCG is committed to getting the best possible health services for individual patients and for the borough as a whole.

The QIPP programme is about improving Quality, Innovation, Prevention and Productivity so that every pound spent brings maximum benefit and quality of care to patients.
This means ensuring that:
  • services meet rigorous quality standards
  • we make the most of innovative ways of working such as new technology that allows people to benefit from care closer to home
  • we work closely with partners such as in public health to help prevent illness.

In 2016/17 there were nearly 20 schemes covering most aspects of care commissioned by Merton CCG. 
Working with healthcare providers we are improving access to healthcare services by moving some services such as outpatient clinics to the Nelson Health Centre from St George’s Hospital. 
Several QIPP schemes are about supporting GPs and nurses in primary care and providing them with information, tools and training. For example clinical pathways will also be available electronically on GP systems so that the latest clinical guidance and patient information can easily be accessed​ by healthcare professionals.
Other schemes aim to strengthen services for patients with complex and/or urgent medical needs. This helps to keep them out of hospital whenever possible. As part of this community services will see patients in their own homes within two working days if an urgent assessment is needed.

We are also working in collaboration with other CCGs in the region to align our shor​t and long-term plans for a sustainable transformation of healthcare services in London.

You can read about our QIPP work and how we achieved £7.3 in savings in our Annual Report and Accounts for 2016/17.

​Updated April 2017