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The Health and Social Care Act 2012 gave frontline professionals a strong leadership role through the establishment of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). As your health care commissioners, we work to deliver excellent health care services for everyone in our borough. A short factsheet on the Act is available on Gov.uk.

We were responsible for commissioning hospital and community healthcare services for our patients in Merton.

We know that the population of our borough is growing. We also know that people are living longer now. Meanwhile medical technology continues to advance as new or improved treatments and medicines are made available to patients. This means that there is more demand than ever on NHS services, and this demand is continuing to increase.
At the same time we know that the funds available to spend on health services will not be able to keep pace with this rise in demand. ​​

Merton CCG's Vision and Strategy 

When the CCG was  three years old (and had a change in both Clinical Chair and Chief Officer) the  new leadership took the opportunity to review the current operating plan, models of care, working and governance of the CCG.  This was to ensure ensure that the CCG is both demonstrably clinically led and patients, partners and the public have a strong voice that is heard.​

The CCG is working with local practices, partners and providers to take forward the  'Whole Merton' vision​​. This document outlines the CCG's forward work plans and includes addressing significant in year operational and financial pressures faced by the CCG.

A Merton model of care will be developed for out of hospital care. This will increasingly seek to integrate and join up services around people's needs. The CCG is committed to working collaboratively with a range of partners across the wider health and social care system including local authorities and voluntary organisations to develop the Whole Merton vision and strategy. In particular the CCG will continue to work closely with the London Borough of Merton as a key strategic partner to further develop and implement the most appropriate joint commissioning and system leadership arrangements to progress the 'Whole Merton' approach and to deliver the Better Care Fund.

The Better Care Fund (BCF)

The Better Care Fund (BCF) is a programme spanning both the NHS and local government with the aim of improving the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our society, by placing them at the centre of their care and support, providing them with integrated health and social care. In order to support this aim, a Better Care Fund Plan has been developed and agreed across health and social care with the following objectives:

  • Reducing the growth of emergency admissions
  • Reducing length of hospital stay
  • Reducing permanent admissions to care homes
  • Improving service user and carer experience.

The most recent plan outlines the work taking place across health and social care for 2017-19 that supports the above aims and contributes to the delivery of the 'Whole Merton' vision agreed in 2015 as well as aligning with the South West London Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP), having a focus on the delivery of the following work streams to support this:

·         Integrated Locality Teams
·         Intermediate Care and Rapid Response in the Community
·         Enhanced Support for Care Homes
·         End of Life Care
·         Dementia.

Merton Better Care Fund is made up of the following:

Merton BCF Pooled Budget2017/182018/19
Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG)£1,087,914£1,186,109
CCG Minimum Contribution£11,787,660£12,011,626
Total Pool£15,621,470£16,720,766

The NHS Social Care Interface Dashboard indicates Merton as a ranking of 18 out of a national ranking of 150. 

Integration and Better Care Fund MCCG_Integration_and_Better_Care_Fund_Plan_11.09.17.pdf

Working across SW London 

The NHS in south west London (Croydon, Kingston, Merton, Richmond, Sutton and Wandsworth CCGs) is working with local authorities on a long term plan for local services. All NHS regions across the country are required to do this. The five-year plan is called the ‘sustainability and transformation partnership’ (STP). Our draft plan is still being finalised. You can read about the plan and its development on the South West London Health and Care Partnership website.

Merton CCG's commissioning intentions​​
Each year the CCG must set out our priorities for the coming year and describe how we will improve the health of the communities we serve. As some of these priorities may lead to changes or developments that affect existing contracts, we follow best practice in giving providers six months’ notice of any changes. 

Commissioning intentions 2016-2017

For the first time in 2015/16 we agreed two sets of commissioning intentions – one covering the collaborative work needed across South West London (SWL) as part of the five-year strategy for the sector; and a further set, describing what we should do locally to meet our population’s needs and to contribute to the SWL work. Both sets of commissioning plans are essential to help provide a framework for all services delivered locally and regionally.

Click here​ to see the latest Commissioning Intentions document.

Commissioning intentions 2014-2016​

We agreed a set of priorities for 2014 -15 which we believed would make a real difference to the quality of care in Merton, described in our Two Year Operating Plan and Commissioning Intentions​. Many of these initiatives aimed to tackle the most common diseases which affect local people and their quality of life. Our performance against these priorities is in the annual report​.

Updated Dec 2017